Hon. PM’s visit to LBSNAA

IAS - Journey & Beyond

The honourable Prime Minister visited the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration on the 26th and 27th of November. It was the first time since 1974 that any Indian PM visited the academy. Needless to mention, the academy was readying like a bride a month before the D days.

The Programme

The VVIP came to the academy in the afternoon of 26th along with the cabinet secretary. He took a photograph with the entire batch of 92nd Foundation Course.

Following this, he interacted with officer trainees in four sessions. In these sessions he primarily was looking for ideas from the young bureaucrats.

Below is a picture from one such session:

After this, the VVIP was led into the Sampoornananda Auditorium for cultural programme called Indradhanush.

The first day came to an end with a formal dinner with the OTs at the Karmshila mess.

Day 2 was comprised of Chintan…

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Fifth Diwali

The day I am writing this has been so usual for me. The lights are a bit darker here, crackers making a lesser sound, sweets tasting a bit salty.

I didn’t go to home for this Diwali also. The sixth in a row.

This is a sad feeling I know, but the sense of dedication it gives me, is more than the sadness I get from this. It makes me feel confident of my success because I have always believed that the success comes to those who are ready to sacrifice.

That was 2012, place kota, the aim was JEE and I didn’t want to miss any chance to get into IIT. Now the similar aim, to get into civil services and once again the thirst of achieving something, is still burning.

I don’t regret that or for that matter any Diwali which I “celebrated” without the people who really matter in anybody’s life, the family, friends, relatives.

Instead, I have always chosen the things which really made a difference in my life, the books on my table, the dreams in my eyes, the dedication to achieve something.

I believe, the sacrifices that I am putting in- to get a taste of achievement for which I have always lived for, will make things easier for me.

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